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Cranbrook has had a competitive swim club since the early 70’s.  It has produced National level swimmers in every decade since, and continues to provide programs that encourage its members to make the most of their athletic talent.  The objective of the Cranbrook Triton Swim Club is to provide a program of development and training which will enable every swimmer to develop to the full extent of their individual level of interest, commitment and ability.  

All swimmers who join our program are instructed in the basic skills for competitive swimming, learning to balance in the water and swim efficiently.  Our practices involve constant activity, so that swimmers’ endurance improves.  All swimmers participate in competitions appropriate to their level of skill and experience; progress is measured against each swimmer’s own previous best performance.  

The Cranbrook Triton program was developed on the belief that swimming offers valuable and exciting experience in a young person’s life. In addition to the structured swim training program, the club offers social events, new and lasting friendships, travel and most important of all - FUN! 


The objectives of the club are: 

  1. To promote, foster and teach the art and sport of competitive swimming;

  2. To foster self-development; 

  3. To teach sportsmanship and foster leadership; 

  4. To provide training and competition to ALL swimmers at levels consistent with ability, desire, and performance levels; 

  5. To develop skills in a sport that can be enjoyed at all times; 

  6. To provide an environment that promotes enjoyment of physical recreation; and

  7. To provide opportunities for social and emotional development.

The Cranbrook Triton Swim Club is managed by its Board of Directors. The Board consists of the Club Executive and other Board members and all positions are held by parent volunteers. The Board meets monthly and parents are encouraged to attend the meetings. Board meetings are open to all members in good standing.

The Annual General Meeting is held in the fall, usually in the first month of the swim season, and this is when the Board of Directors is determined for the year.

The Board of Directors & Coaching Team for the 2022-23 swim season is listed below:

Jackson Sorensen
Head Coach
Cam Wilson
Phil Aston
Josh Hes
Vice President
Jason Feniak
Jenna Howarth
Caitlyn Flint
Meet Manager
Kayla Hes
Equipment Manager
Melissa Skirten
Kara Zandbergen
Officials Director
Laura Cardwell
Fundraising Coordinator
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