Club Mission:  Is to provide a competitive swim program that promotes a strong team atmosphere, where each swimmers goals are supported through the leadership of professional coaches.


Club Motto: With dedication and determination anything is possible.


Club Vision:  To build a swim club program that promotes, fosters, and teaches the art and sport of competitive swimming, through excellence in training, team unity, self-development and leadership, where every swimmer has the opportunity to achieve their full potential and instill a life-long love for swimming.  


Strategic Goal #1- Long-Term Stability

Key Strategic Initiatives:                     

1.     Coaching and Board Stability: Long term planning must be developed with a stable coaching and board foundation that provides continuity to the club’s program. This in turn will allow club growth and greater retention in the number of swimmers and increased success of the swimmers.


2.    Financial Stability: The Cranbrook Triton Swim Club is a non-profit organization that derives its annual income from four key sources; membership fees, gaming grants, fundraising including swim meets, and corporate sponsorship.  It is key to have a financial plan in place to forecast, implement plans, and manage each of the annual income sources and ensure membership fees remain at an affordable level for most families while providing a professional level of coaching. Financial stability is critical to the success of the club.


3.    Support of Volunteers and Officials: Volunteers are the power behind a successful swim club.  

-      Succession planning for board positions.

-      Implement a volunteer policy to better engage our volunteers.

-      Foster a long term officiating plan to provide training and mentoring opportunities to ensure the club has an adequate roster of officials to host swim meets.


4.    Recruitment Program- Develop a Recruitment Plan that allows growth to be steady and planned to ensure the resources required for the growth are in place.

*Critical that all decisions made by the Board and Coaches that impact the club consider long term stability.


Strategic Goal #2- Empowerment of Swimmers

      Key Strategic Initiatives:

This is the center of the club’s vision and the most important goal of the strategic plan.  

1.    Swimmer Success Measures: The following will be reviewed  throughout the swim season to measure progress:

-      Retention of swimmers in the club;

-      Increased member participation at swim meets;

-      Increased confidence in swimmers  through support of individual goals; and

-      Improved personal swim times.

   The above measures are indications of a stable, healthy, and successful swim club.  

2.    Access to Facilities and Equipment: The Board shall ensure swimmers have adequate access to facilities and progressive training equipment. 

-      Pool time with suitable water temperatures;

-      Innovative equipment; and

-      Dryland training space and equipment.


3.    Engaging Competitive/Training Opportunities: To retain swimmers the Board must support competitive and training opportunities that are new and stimulating to allow long term engagement and growth.


4.    Succession Planning for Mentors and Coaches:  Encourage senior swimmers to embrace leadership roles as mentors and coaches.  The Board and Coaches shall provide opportunities for swimmers to train as coaches, therefore giving back to the club and swim community.

* Must understand that success isn’t just about winning and we celebrate achievements at all levels.


Strategic Goal #3- Excellence in Coaching

        Key Strategic Initiatives:

Motivated and innovative coaching staff empowering swimmers through great leadership is the key to success.  The sport of swimming is evolving and professional development opportunities are essential for our coaches to continue to grow in the field of coaching and be able to teach, train and motive swimmers to their full potential. 


1.    The Board will work towards growing the training budget through club growth, fundraising, corporate sponsorship and grant applications.


2.    Support grant funding applications for progressive technology and equipment.


3.    The Board will work with the Head Coach to develop a performance plan to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the clubs current coaching staff to ensure a cohesive approach to the overall vision of the club.  


Strategic Goal #4- Fostering Team Spirit and a Strong Swim Community

Key Strategic Initiatives:

            Fostering team spirit through an inclusive swim community.


1.    Team Travel Opportunities: Explore options for team travel and work with Head Coach to build opportunities into the annual swim meet schedule.


2.    Swim Training Camps: Invest and arrange, if financially feasible, swim camps inside and outside of the region. 

* Swim camps may require additional fundraising.


3.    Team Building Activities: Support coaching initiatives for team building activities inside and outside of the pool environment.


4.    Social Activities: Plan social activities for parents and swimmers to build the “swim family”. There are support benefits for both swimmers and parents/members.


5.    Community Stakeholder Relations: Promote the sport of competitive swimming by building relationships with stakeholders within the community.


6.    Community Spirit: Encourage Triton members to participate in community events, in order to show our community spirit and in turn increase recognition of our organization.


Strategic Goal #5- Active Membership Involvement

     Key Strategic Initiatives:

As a non-profit organization, the club relies on volunteers to drive a stable, strong, and successful organization.  Essentially, the volunteers are what powers the swim club! Families are encouraged to be actively involved in the club.


1.    Increased Communication:  Continuously improving the communication plan through success measures including membership feedback.


2.    Proactive Volunteer Management Plan that clearly outlines volunteer expectations for parents and providing information on the roles so that parents are not afraid to take on new tasks. Potential new positions could include:

-      Social/Fundraising Committee

-      Swim Meet Committee

-      New Member Liaisons

-      Travel Chaperones

-      Swim Meet Hotel/Group Dinner Coordinator


3.    Providing adequate opportunities for parents/members to train as officials through a long-term officials plan. 


4.    Grow Host Swim Meet Events: Host swim meets are run to an excellent standard to attract a greater number of teams outside of our region.

Revision: 1.0

Date: June 15, 2019

Description: Strategic Five Year Plan 2019-2024

Board Approval: June 19, 2019

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